Foreign Investment

Greece, situated at the south edge of Europe, closely to the major North Africa leading markets, the Middle East area, the Arab countries and the Balkans, being a full EU member for many years, has become the attraction investment center for many foreign corporations, institutions and private businessmen. Greece still plays a significantly primary role in enticing foreign investments in a great number of business sector. Our Firm Foreign Investment Team provides advisory services to foreign corporations, institutional investors and private traders, to establish their “tailor- made” commercial activities and to secure and expedite their selected investments in Greece by virtue of the existing regulatory environment and the applicable developing laws in force.

We have also aimed at providing a wide range of on-going legal services to the Greek corporations for their investment schedules to foreign emerging and businesswise most attractive jurisdictions, indicatively only to the Balkans, West / South Africa, EuroAsia area, Arab countries and the Far East, through our extensive, stable, long-standing network of affiliates and local correspondents we maintain in these areas.


Graeca Sunt Non Leguntur

Graeca Sunt Non Leguntur

Our Expertise

  • Advising on the existing business framework in Greece
  • Identifying “tailor-made” and secured non-risk solutions to foreign clients as regards their scheduled investments in Greece
  • Conducting due diligence business reviews for our international clients
  • Advising about the on-going proceedings and the particular status of the existing investment tools and opportunities
  • Advising about the various incentives and the applicability of the existing developing laws in force to the scheduled investments
  • Representing major foreign clients and investors before the relevant Invest in Greece Committee towards a
    speedy realization of the investment in Greece
  • Advising Greek and foreign corporations and individual traders about the legal framework / investment opportunities and incentives, indicatively for all the Balkans, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kurdistan, Ivory Coast, Gambia, the EuroAsia area and the Far East

Our Experience

  • Representing two major foreign companies before the Invest in Greece Committee for energy related projects
  • Advising a great number of USA and European corporations about the investment regulatory framework in Greece in various commercial fields
  • Regularly advising foreign clients from Europe regarding the investment incentives status as provision of grants and/or tax benefits
  • Representing two major Greek corporations in the EuroAsia area, participating in state advanced infrastructure, construction, insurance and energy programs
  • Promoting and representing a joint venture Greek – foreign company in a vast on-going housing project in the Ivory Coast
  • Advising on infrastructure incentives in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan
  • Representing two major Greek corporations in expanding their activities in Kurdistan on the fields of construction, restaurants, energy and medical services
  • Representing a Greek company to set up a branch office in Singapore
  • Representing a Greek company to a joint venture infrastructure investment in Gambia