The worldwide continuing rapid growth of low-cost airlines and the deep changes in the international regulatory scene denotes a constantly emerging aviation market.

Our Firm, having routes to the aviation sector, provides to airlines, aircraft-owners, operators, charterers and insurers full services in almost all types of every day aviation related work including corporate transaction, commercial sale, purchase and leasing aircraft contracts, advising on aviation claims and casualties.

Verba Volant Scripta Manent

Verba Volant Scripta Manent

Our Expertise

  • Advising Hellenic and foreign airlines, operators, insurers and financiers about the regulatory framework
  • Advising about the establishment, registration, operation, lease, charter and asset-based financing of aircrafts, helicopters and seaplanes
  • Advising on aviation liability under the air-transportation of passengers, luggage and cargo
  • Advising about ground handling issues
  • Advising on the insurance coverage of aircrafts, helicopters and seaplanes in Greece

Our Experience

  • Advising the Greek Ministry of Merchant Marine and drafting the initial regulatory framework of seaplanes in Greece
  • Advising a Greek Union about the legal effects of the merger of two most commonly known airlines in Greece
  • Acting for a major foreign company, drafting the sale and purchase aircraft contracts for an acquisition of two aircrafts
  • Acting for a local company, drafting various lease contracts
  • Regularly representing airlines and aircraft-owners before the competent Greek Courts for loss of luggage, cargo claims and accident investigations
  • Regularly representing a major foreign insurance company operating in Greece in Court litigation for subrogated claims under the Montreal Convention
  • Acting for a foreign buyer conducting the due diligence process for the acquisition of an airline company