Real Estate, Land and Private Islands Acquisitions

Our Firm Real Estate practice involves the representation in a vast range of local and international diverse clients transactions over the past thirty years.

Our everyday experience is covering the events of acquisition of real estate in the Greek territory and elsewhere, all matters related to the appropriate construction works, the engineering projects and the disposal of private land and housing.

We are among the very few law firms to offer a truly comprehensive advice and in-depth long-standing experience in the acquisition of private islands on sale for foreign and local clients.

Beati Possidentes

Beati Possidentes

Our Expertise

  • Advising and effecting cost-effective and speedy title searches for any sale and purchase real estate all over Greece
  • Advising clients on town planning matters, antiquities issues and forestry implications
  • Advising on the regulatory framework, the sale and purchase and the management of “listed” buildings in Greece
  • Advising on all types of leasing (private, commercial etc) of any real estate and drafting the lease contracts
  • Advising on the legal arm of the engineering construction and infrastructure projects
  • Advising on the regulatory framework and the existing legal status for the Greek private islands and drafting the sale and purchase contracts

Our Experience

  • We have represented numerous Greek and foreign clients in the acquisition of major land sites, high valued villas and houses and major hotels all over Greece
  • We have represented our client in the purchase of the ex Royal Palace at P. Psychico, Athens
  • We have represented our clients in the buildings of five high profile private villas in Attica, south coast area
  • We are regularly advising two major foreign funds for the acquisition of high profile private villas, sites for installation of Mall and commercial property
  • We have advised two major European private clients on the existing legal administrative status pertaining to the potential sale of three private islands in the Aegean sea and the bay of south Evia
  • Participating in the drafting of the legal contracts for the installation of five major commercial buildings in the center of Athens and Piraeus
  • We represented major foreign touristic corporations and have drafted the legal MOAs for the sale of five major hotels in Athens, Peloponnese, Crete, Rhodes and Mykonos